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Levels Of Mold Remediation

Updated: May 19, 2023

To determine whether to seek professional mold removal services or address the issue on your own, there are five levels to consider.

Level 1: Small Isolated Area (10 square feet or less)

For minor mold contamination, typically found on ceilings and small wall areas, you can handle the remediation yourself with regular building maintenance. Remember to wear personal protective garments, such as gloves, disposable respirators, and eye protection. Ensure the work area and adjacent spaces are unoccupied and mist the contaminated area before cleaning it with a damp cloth. Remove any materials that cannot be cleaned, and allow the area to dry completely to prevent future mold growth.

Level 2: Mid-Size Isolated Areas (10-30 square feet)

Protective measures outlined in Level 1 should also be taken in Level 2. After placing mold-infested materials in tightly sealed plastic bags, thoroughly clean the affected area with a damp cloth, and vacuum the area with a HEPA vacuum.

Level 3: Large Isolated Areas (30-100 square feet)

When dealing with mold contamination on patches of wall, follow the precautions of Levels 1 and 2, and use plastic sheets to seal air movements around the work area and adjacent places. Vacate all occupants in the work area and surroundings, and ensure all areas are completely dry and visibly free from mold.

Level 4: Extensive Contamination (More than 100 square feet)

Consult with trained mold remediation professionals before starting the remediation process. Ensure workers wear disposable protective garments to prevent mold spores from spreading to other areas of the house. Completely isolate the work area from the rest of the home, and seal all openings since mold is airborne. Conduct air monitoring before reoccupying the area.

Level 5: Air Conditioner and HVAC Systems

Handle minor mold infestations in air conditioners and HVAC systems using the steps outlined in Levels 1 and 2. However, it is recommended that professional mold remediation companies handle all mold infestations in these systems while following the precautions of Levels 1 through 4. Shut down the HVAC system before commencing work, remove any material supporting mold growth, and seal it in a plastic bag. Use antimicrobial agents to prevent future mold growth.

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