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Using Ozone for Mold Remediation

Updated: May 19, 2023

Mold remediation has been a controversial topic with regards to the use of ozone. The EPA has reported respiratory irritation as a potential side effect of ozone. Additionally, some argue that ozone generators lack the capacity to effectively treat a building or home for mold.

However, it's important to note that ozone is an eco-friendly method of killing mold as it dissipates quickly without leaving any toxic residue. Ozone is naturally produced by many sources, including lightning. On the other hand, other remediation services rely on chemical treatments to address mold.

It's crucial to understand that mold removal is not a simple process, aside from extreme measures such as burning down a building. Professional mold removal involves a series of steps to eliminate the mold infestation and ensure it doesn't return. Covering up, painting over, or spraying moldicide on mold only offers temporary relief as mold can easily regrow if its roots and spores are not effectively treated.

The business of mold removal/remediation has been revolutionized such that it now takes a more comprehensive approach, which involves pre-treatment, soda blasting, stain and root treatment, and high-volume ozone treatment. High-output ozone generators have been particularly effective in eliminating mold, spores, odors, and pests.

Many people have entered the mold removal industry without adequate training, leading to poor service quality. Certification and training should be required for mold workers to ensure they follow safety protocols and recognize potential dangers.

It's crucial to remove unscrupulous mold removal businesses from the market. Consumers should demand proof of certification from legitimate certification organizations.

Finally, mold is a biohazard that can cause adverse health effects and must be addressed promptly. Neglecting mold can lead to exponential costs in mold remediation. The best course of action is to get rid of mold immediately to manage both the health and financial impact in the early stages.

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