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Mold Assessment and Remediation - process and differences

Updated: May 19, 2023

Molds play an important role in the ecosystem by decomposing organic materials and recycling nutrients. They also contribute to the production of food and drugs. However, when molds grow in houses and buildings, they can cause structural damage and pose health risks to occupants, including allergies, asthma, respiratory sickness, and even death.

To prevent these negative effects, it is important to implement a mold removal process that is safe and effective. Mold assessment and remediation are two techniques that can help eliminate mold colonies. Mold assessment involves identifying the mold and the severity of the infestation to determine the level of mold removal or remediation required. This must be done before the remediation process can begin.

Mold assessment is not a one-step process, but rather involves determining if molds are present in the building and then taking the appropriate steps based on the results. If the molds are visible, sampling may not be necessary. However, if a detailed check for possible locations and sources of mold is conducted with no visual results but you still suspect mold, then mold testing may be needed.

Mold remediation is the actual mold removal process, which varies depending on the severity of the infestation. Mild mold occurrences can be treated with mold removal products, proper ventilation, and sunlight, while extreme cases may require the help of a mold removal contractor or the replacement of contaminated materials. However, it is important to address the source of mold growth before undertaking any remediation efforts.

In conclusion, mold assessment and mold remediation are complementary processes that are necessary to completely eliminate molds in houses and buildings. Their differences are the actual tools that make mold removal effective.

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